League of Humane Voters of New Jersey Election Info and Endorsements


Politicians take issues seriously when voters do. YOUR VOTE MATTERS!

Each LOHV-NJ endorsed candidate was graded according to his or her voting record or recent political assurances. Generally, we do not endorse candidates unless they have GOOD, GREAT, or EXCELLENT voting records. 

2010 LOHV-NJ Endorsements


Independent Candidate for Essex County Executive

ENDORSEMENT: Essex County Freeholder-At-Large: Marilynn English (I)  - DEFEATED

Campaign Letter


Democratic Candidates for Holmdel Township Committee

Janet Berk and Brian McFarland 

We believe good government should be proactive and reflect the will of the residents. This means ensuring that all viewpoints, including yours, are considered before decisions are made that will affect Holmdel for years to come.


Notice from Bergen and Passaic County members:

#1 Bergen County:
Freeholders Calabrese, Carroll, and Hogan (column 2) all voted to save geese and institute non-lethal goose management for the future. This was a very positive step and any future Parks Director knows that these particular freeholders are watching him or her. (please note that the freeholders did not know about the decision to gas geese in early summer. The Parks Director used his own budget for this.

#2 Passaic County:
Freeholders Lepore and Duffy voted to kill deer in the Garret Mountain Bow hunt. Additionally, Mayor Lepore voted to gas geese in the town of Woodland Park where he is mayor. These men are not friends of the animals in Passaic County.

Notice from East Brunswick members:

Ed Luster, current council president, is seeking his second term as councilman. He is animal-friendly.