Phil Murphy is New Jersey's next Governor!

LOHV-NJ worked tirelessly for Phil every single day, along with many other groups. We all did it!


2017 - League of Humane Voters Endorsement


Phil Murphy for Governor

November 7, 2017 is Election Day! GET TO THE POLLS!

After eight years of Christie's inexcusable slaughter, Phil Murphy will save New Jersey Bears.

It was October 28, 2016. LOHV and Bear Group representatives remember the unalloyed joy they felt when, during a personal phone call with then-Democratic primary candidate Phil Murphy, he said that he was leaning heavily in favor of ending the bear hunt. He and his staff would do their homework and get back to us.

Our representatives on the call -- Angi Metler, Doreen Frega, and Donna Arcaro, were thrilled. Sure enough, a few days later, Ambassador Murphy sent an email directing them to his Facebook page. And there it was, Phil Murphy's personal promise to stop the bear hunt.  

Never forget that Republican gubernaturial candidate Kim Guadagno promised hunters at least another four years of the Christie bear hunt. See her pledge here: LINK   On the same call, Murphy said, "I'm with you on that," regarding the game council's violation of New Jersey's law banning steel-jaw leghold traps.  

Since that phone call, our members have run into candidate Murphy everywhere -- at festivals, events, town halls. He always remember them.   It's time for us to remember him. Vote.   After so many years, this is our chance to protect New Jersey's persecuted and magnificent black bears.


Pictured with Phil is LOHV-NJ's Doreen Frega and Val Devine.