New Jersey Senate Bill S2750 (Senator Ray Lesniak) and A4407 (Assemblyman Daniel Benson) would ban the manufacture, sale, possession, importation, transportation, or use of any trap that is a spring-loaded device that restrains an animal by capturing the foot, leg, or other body part, including an enclosed foothold type trap or any other type trap that uses a jaw, arm, bar, cable, or wire to grasp or pin the animal's foot, leg, or other body part. Please write to your legislators to support this bill. READ MORE

Pedals' Law was introduced on October 17, 2016, but Senator Sweeney has refused to post it for a full Senate vote. We remain committed to this vital legislation and are presently working on a plan that may influence Senator Sweeney.

On March 14, 2017 Vineland, NJ City Council Members unanimously adopted an ordinance banning traveling wild animal exhibitions from city owned property.

On February 23, 2017, the Hudson County Board of Freeholders voted unanimously to ban wild animal circuses on public lands!  This victory is one of many over the last six months. Cumberland passed a circus ban on public lands in December. Passaic County passed a ban on public lands in November. Jersey City passed a ban on both private and public in September. Bergen County passed a ban on public lands in July.

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