Nosey's Law was signed into law by Governor Murphy on December 14, 2018.

New Jersey Senate Bill S179 (Senator Vin Gopal) and A3110 (Assembly members Daniel Benson, Raj Mukheri, and Valerie Vanieri Huttle) would ban the manufacture, sale, possession, importation, transportation, or use of any trap that is a spring-loaded device that restrains an animal by capturing the foot, leg, or other body part, including an enclosed foothold type trap or any other type trap that uses a jaw, arm, bar, cable, or wire to grasp or pin the animal's foot, leg, or other body part. Please write to your legislators to co-sponsor this bill. READ MORE

Pedals' Law was re-introduced S2769 (Senators Sandra Cunninghamon and Vin Goal) and A2455 (Assembly members Annette Quijano and Valerie Vanieri Huttle) would put a moratorium on the bear hunt and implement nonlethal solutions.Please contact your legislators and ask them to co-sponsor Pedals' Law.

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