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2020 Black Bear Hunt - Legislator Letters to Murphy asking him to call it off.

In order of receipt: 

1. Senator Gopal

2. Senator Weinberg

3. Senator Singleton

4. Assemblyman Zwicker

5. Assemblywoman Huttle

6. Assemblywoman Chapparo

7. Assemblywoman Murphy

8. Assemblywoman Jasey

9. Assemblyman Benson

10. Assemblyman Giblin

11. Senator Gill

12. Assemblyman Holley

13. Senator Stack

14. Senator Cunningham

15. Assemblyman Verrelli

16. Assemblywoman Timberlake

17. Assemblyman Freiman

18. Assemblyman Chiaravalloti

19. Assemblywoman Reynolds-Jackson

20. Assemblyman Tully

21. Assemblywoman Quijano

22. Assemblywoman Swain

23. Assemblyman Mukherji

24. Senator Turner 

25. Assemblywoman Lopez 

26. Assemblywoman Downey

27. Senator Cryan

28. Assemblywoman Speight

29. Assemblyman Johnson

30. Senator Rice

31. Senator Greenstein

32. Assemblywoman Pinkin

33. Assemblyman McKeon

34. Senator Pou

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2018 aerial banner campaign
LOHVNJ's beach banners, flying up and down the Jersey shore.

LOHVNJ works for animal protection:

  • Lobbying for animal-friendly laws;

  • Campaigning for candidates who support animal protection;

  • Persuading politicians that they must take animal protection issues seriously because their constituents do;

  • Acting as the political voice for all animals in New Jersey -- wildlife, cats and dogs, roosters and dogs used in animal fighting, and all animals who suffer from abuse and exploitation, and,

  • Demonstrating that animal advocates are one of the largest voting blocs. Together, we demand fair representation in Trenton.

Strength in numbers

LOHVNJ's potential political strength is substantial and mainstream:

  • Over 1.8 million New Jersey households have companion animals. [1]

  • 1,713,000 New Jersey wildlife watchers generate $537,388,000 in revenues for our state. [2]

  • Thousands of voters have already joined LOHV-NJ!

[1] American Veterinary Medical Association

[2] 2006 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Survey


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